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Fe 510 D Material Pipe, Uni 7070 Fe 510 Pipe Supplier

Bhawal Steel Agency is the manufacturer of FE 510 D material, identified by its high corrosive properties and usability in many environments. The team of professional workers never let the slow down the processes of production and this is achieved by eliminating defective products.

UNI 7729 Grade Fe510 pipes and tubes are also known by their commercial name, mild steel pipes and tubes. FE 510 Pipe and tubes are low carbon pipes tubes with a maximum composition of 0.02% carbon content in the material and a mixture of 150% manganese, which help to get a suitable shape according to the needs. Mild steel pipes and tubes or

F510 D material pipes are the names given to the pipes when they are made and sold commercially. FE 510 pipe is not excellent because of being low carbon steel pipes. Carburizing can undoubtedly increase the surface roughness of the FE 510 pipe. The FE 510 D Tube is made of high-quality but low carbon steel. FE 510 D  pipes are reliable to be used across critical structural applications and other high-temperature environments. FE 510 D has the structural shape of a rectangular hollow section and custom-made conditions, which are trustworthy to be used across critical structural applications and other high-temperature environments. Low Carbon Steel FE, 510 D Tube, is available in various forms, diameters, and thicknesses, as well as specifications, to satisfy the needs of our devoted customers. It have Tensile strength up to 510 KPA, elongation up to 20% are the excellent mechanical properties of FE 510 D Pipes. FE 510 D  material is used to create workshops, bridges, vessels, etc.  


Gangsteel Grade : Fe 510 D

Thickness 8mm-300mm, Width: 1500-4020mm, Length: 3000-27000mm


UNI 7070 is Italy standard for general Construction steels

Approval By Third Party ABS, DNV, GL, CCS, LR , RINA, KR, TUV, CE
Classification: weldable fine grain structural steels

Chemical composition % of the Product analysis of grade Fe 510 D

Nominal thickness =< 63(mm) CEV max = 0.4  

Nominal thickness from 63 to 100 (mm) CEV max = 0. 4

C Si Mn N P S Cu Mo
 max 0.24 0.60 1.70 0.014 max 0.035 Max 0.035  0.60  


Mechanical properties of grade Fe 510 D

Nominal thickness (mm) to 16 16 - 40 40 - 63 63 - 80 80 - 100 100 - 150 150 - 200 200-250
ReH - Minimum yield strength (MPa) 355 345 335 325 315 295 285 275


Equivalent grades of grade Fe 510 D

EN10025(93) EN10025(90) DIN 17100 NFA 35-501 BS4360 JIS 3106
S355J2G3 Fe510 D1 St 52-3 N - 50 D SM 490C

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